What is Regional Water Planning?

Regional Water Planning and the East Texas Regional Water Planning Area

The East Texas Regional Water Planning Area (ETRWPA), known as Region I, includes all or part of 20 counties in East Texas. Planning in the region is accomplished by the Regional Water Planning Group for the region. The East Texas Regional Water Planning Group (ETRWPG) includes members that represent a cross-section of interest groups within the region.

The ETRWPG is responsible for deciding how future water needs may be met. Each planning cycle begins with the collection and analysis of many types of information related to water demands and supplies. Regional water planning looks out over a 50-year period, with each planning cycle taking five years to complete.

Sound simple? On the surface, water planning is straightforward. It’s an uncomplicated flow chart:


But the truth is that there is much more to it than this chart. Regional water planning also involves integrating information from a wide range of sources into one document—the Regional Water Plan—and doing so every five years.



Current planning documents may be found on the Current Planning Documents page. Links to previous versions of the ETRWPA water plan may be found on the Prior Regional Water Plans page.

To participate in regional water planning efforts, you may attend any of the ETRWPG meetings or contact regional group members or the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB). You may also visit the TWDB web site at www.twdb.texas.gov to learn more about planning activities.

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